End of Year Concert; 2020 A Year to Remember

After a year of setbacks, disappointments, and bumps in the road we finally made it to the end of the year! After having to cancel our mid-year concert our staff and students were more than excited to hold our end of year concert and commemorate a tough but triumphant year for us all.

Both our Junior and Senior concerts were held at John Curtin Theatre in Fremantle where friends and family came to watch our students showcase their hard work from throughout the year. Everyone performed exceptionally well, and we are more than proud of their efforts at the annual event. All our classes and exam classes performed routines forming a concert to remember not only how challenging this year has been but also to show the resilience and strength we gained to overcome it.

We had numerous award winners including our 2020 Student of the Year, Isabelle Portier. Isabelle is an extremely dedicated and hard-working student and her efforts this year in her dance training proves her especially worthy of this award! Congratulations Isabelle!

Junior Concert Awards: Fiona B, Adeline D, Emma F, Amarli D, Imogen L, Emily R, Charlotte B, Hteemoowah H, Tanika B, Mia M, Ruby P, Veronica T & Bree N.
Performer of the Night: Mia Marenic.

Senior Concert Awards: Ashleigh H, Amito M, Shelby C, Darshini R, Nivrithi A, Miranda R, Ciara T, Kiara D, Liliana A, Olivia P, Tasia T, Braydee A, Chelsea M, Izzabella C, Amalee C, Dixie W & Chloe A.
Performer of the Night: Izzabella Couch.

Student of the Year: Isabelle Portier.

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