25th Anniversary Reunion

To celebrate our 25th Anniversary this year we decided to hold a reunion party and invite all past and present students and their families to join us for an afternoon catch up.

It was so great to see many of our past students and their families, we even got to meet the next generation of students as a few of our ex-students now have their own children! We put on a slideshow of photos and also had all of our old newsletters and concert programs on display. How interesting it was to see the changes that happened over the years and how the timetable of classes were once so small and now has increased to over 30 classes per week.

Having so many students from the beginning of Showtime come back to say hello just shows what a wonderful family environment we have here at Showtime. Once you are a part of the Showtime family you will always be a part of it and we really enjoyed getting to catch up and see what everyone is up to now.

Thank you to everyone who stopped in - we cant wait to do it again at the next big anniversary! #25yearsofshowtimehms

View more photo's here.