A modern styled class with so much variety. Students will learn jazz technique including turns, leaps and kicks and combinations to fun up-beat music... Read More


Ballet is the foundation of all dance. Anyone who wishes to excel with their dancing should take ballet class. The technique learnt during a ballet class can be used also for jazz, tap... Read More


Acro - Dance is a combination of gymnastics, acrobatics and dance. It is a high energy class but a ton of fun! One of our most popular classes... Read More


Contemporary dance combines the technique of ballet and jazz to create dynamic choreography which tells us a story and expresses emotion. The principles learnt in contemporary class include; balance.. Read More.

Hip Hop

One of the most popular classes is Hip Hop!
A very diverse class which incorporates break dancing, popping, locking and freestyle. Have you always wanted to learn how to do the moonwalk? .. Read More


Make music with your feet in our tap classes!
A fun and energetic class for all ages. Learn all the different techniques and combinations including time-steps and wings... Read More

Musical Theatre

Want to become a triple threat and learn to sing, dance and act? This class is for you!
Students will learn all elements of musical theatre including vocal training, modern & theatrical dance.. Read More


Lyrical dance is a combination of ballet, jazz and contemporary dance where the choreography tells the stories of the musics lyrics. It is a very expressional style of dance and can really assist in developing emotion... Read More

Exam Classes

We now offer Ballet and Jazz Exam classes with the State Dance Association for students who wish to be recognised for their hard work and dedication... Read More