Hip Hop

Katerina was born and raised in Athens, Greece. Dancing from the age of 2 years old her mother saw her passion for hip hop and enrolled her in to her first hip hop dance class at age 5. At the age of 13 Katerina started break dancing which led her to fall in love with dance even more. "Being a b-girl for four years changed my style and as a dancer gave me a better perspective of what hip hop was all about and how it started". Unfortunately after an injury Katerina  had to give up break dancing, but that didn't stop her love for dance.

Katerina has over 10 years of dance and performance experience and 2 years of successful competing with an international dance team, (B.A.D). She is specifically trained in hip hop and break dancing and came to Australia in 2019 to further pursue her dancing and teaching career. Katerina joined Showtime HMS as a student in 2021 and fell in love with the atmosphere and friendly vibe of the studio. We are excited to bring a whole new style to Showtime HMS' hip hop students with Katerina's experience.

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“I want my students to have fun learning about the different styles of hip hop and also encourage them to find their own. As a dancer and a teacher, I love seeing growth in dancing and being a part of it is what inspires me to be better at it.”