Leah joined Showtime HMS in 2014 and has studied Jazz, Tap, Acro Dance and Ballet. Leah has always danced at a very high standard and progressed to the more advanced classes very quickly, usually being the youngest in the class. In 2019 Leah was accepted in to the elite dance program at her high school and also joined our SDA Jazz Exam class, passing Grade 4 Jazz with Honours and the highest mark in the class. In 2020 she completed Grade 5 Jazz (Honours) and in 2021 Grade 6 Jazz (Highly Commended).

In 2018 Leah started as a junior acro assistant at Showtime HMS and was an absolute natural at assisting students and being a leader. There was no doubt she should become a student teacher for 2019 and since then has worked really hard at being a great role model. In 2021 Leah was awarded our Student Of The Year.

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“The atmosphere at Showtime is amazing and all the teachers are nice and are always there to help you whenever you need help going over something.”