Mid-Year Concert – Ready, Jet, Go!

Saturday 6th July 2019 was one of our biggest concert days yet.

Ready, Jet, Go was a performance that took our students on the adventure of a lifetime. Our audience enjoyed the showcase of all the student’s talents as they packed their bags and set on a trip around the world. Our performances were based around songs and themes of various places around the world.

Concert days are always huge and exciting, and both the junior and senior concerts were a big success with large smiles and lots of fun. Showtime staff enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the students perform their concert pieces and the scale of improvement shown by all.

Well done to all our students and staff for an amazing adventurous concert. As well as a huge congratulations to all students who received awards:

Junior Awards: Paige N, Keira D, Lillee F, Braxton C, Hteemoowah H, Charlene I, Scarlett-Rose G, Harmonie B, Elizabeth F, Aaliyah B, Amarli D, Charlotte T, Ashley D & Layla B (performance award).

Senior Awards: Ashlee S, Makayla S, Savannah F, Katelyn U, Ciara-Mae N, Abbey D, Brayden P, Phillipa M, Sinead M, Alexis H, Keira B, Liliana A, Jocelyn D, Caitlin J, Quintess W & Leah Booth (performance award).

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Photos of award winners