Own Choreography Competitions

With our Mid Year Concert cancelled and our Music Video finished we decided to bring back our private dance competition from 2020, Show Struck Dance Quest. This year we invited our friends at Academy Dance & Elegance to join us and invited Brooke, former owner of Star Struck Dance Studio to be the judge.

Students competed using their own choreography or their teacher choreographed competition routines. We divided the categories to ensure results were fair for everyone and the judging criteria varied depending on if the routine was self-choreographed or taught by a teacher. We saw some amazing routines filled with creativity and entertaining performances from both studios. We are very proud of all students who got up there and showed us their love for dance with the results they achieved.

Some of our students then went and entered their self-choreographed routines in to the State Dance Association Student Choreography Online Competition. We filmed their live performances at Show Struck and submitted them for the online competition.

Results for Show Struck Dance Quest:
1st Place - Bernice & Thomas Family Duo
1st Place - Havana & Ciara-Mae Hip Hop Duo
1st Place - Mia Jazz
1st Place - Savannah Hip Hop
1st Place - Htee Moo Wah Hip Hop
1st Place - Rio Baby Improvisation
1st Place - Braydee Contemporary
1st Place - Bella & Hayley D Contemporary Duo
1st Place - Darshini Acro
1st Place - Braydee Musical Theatre
1st Place - Bella & Havana Contemporary Duo
1st Place - Leah Jazz
1st Place - Darshini Jazz
2nd Place - Miranda, Elena, Chloe & Sophie Family Quartet
2nd Place - Bella & Chelsea Lyrical Duo
2nd Place - Jiya Jazz
2nd Place - Pia Musical Theatre
2nd Place - Darshini Hip Hop
2nd Place - Elena Baby Improvisation
2nd Place - Hayley W Contemporary
2nd Place - Caroline & Payton Lyrical
2nd Place - Letecia Acro
2nd Place - Hayley W & Aurora Jazz
2nd Place - Cassandra Jazz
3rd Place - Hayley W & Holly Jazz
3rd Place - Letecia & Arianna Acro
3rd Place - Cassandra Hip Hop
3rd Place - Sophie Baby Improvisation
3rd Place - Hayley D Contemporary
3rd Place - Ava Jazz
3rd Place - Hailey M Jazz
Top Scoring Soloist - Leah Booth (Jazz)
Top Scoring Duo - Bella & Hayley (Neo Classical)
Judges Choice Award - Htee Moo Wah (Hip Hop)

Results for State Dance Association:
1st Place - Mia Jazz
1st Place - Braydee Contemporary
1st Place - Htee Moo Wah Hip Hop
1st Place - Ava Jazz
1st Place - Havana & Ciara-Mae Hip Hop Duo
1st Place - Havana & Bella Contemporary Duo
2nd Place - Leah Jazz
2nd Place - Darshini Hip Hop
2nd Place - Hayley W Contemporary
2nd Place - Hayley W & Holly Jazz Duo
2nd Place - Amito, Amalee & Indigo Lyrical
3rd Place - Darshini Jazz


We Raised $1,282 for Sick Kids!

Dance for Sick Kids (DFSK) is a 7-day dance challenge that raises vital funds for Ronald McDonald House Charities. Over 60,000 families with a seriously ill or injured child rely on Ronald McDonald House Charities in Australia each year – and they need our help! We think it’s important to support people when they’re in need so once again we set up a team and got fundraising!

Over the month of May leading up to the official DFSK week we held gold coin donation fundraisers including; Whacky Hair Week, Crazy Sock Week, PJ Week and Fancy Dress Week. Our students came to class dressed up and were so creative with their costumes, hair and sock designs. Many of our students also joined our fundraising team and did their own fundraising to contribute to the cause. Overall the Showtime HMS team raised $1,282 and Australia wide the event raised a massive $802,807 which equals 5017 nights that a family will be able to stay with their child at a Ronald McDonald House.

It was so humbling to see all of our families get involved and we can't wait to be a part of it all again next year.


We Made A Music Video

2022 started with a lot of uncertainties as Covid finally hit Perth. We were hit with new restrictions and an unknown time frame on when they would be removed. Due to this we made the tough decision to cancel our Mid Year Concert for 2022 and instead just have one huge celebration for our 25th Birthday at the End-of-Year Concert.

So now we had all this time on our hands we decided to do something new and different, we were going to make a music video! After a lot of brainstorming and meetings amongst our teachers we decided on doing two different music videos, one to represent our Ballet, Lyrical & Contemporary classes, and another for our Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Musical Theatre & Acro classes.

All of our students started learning routines in their regular classes over the next 5 weeks in preparation for recording day. This was still a time of masks and venue restrictions so we made the decision that filming would be done outdoors to ensure these restrictions didn't affect the day, although it would always be a juggle with mother nature and many students asked "What happens if it rains?". The answer being "The show must go on!".

Fortunately we were blessed with absolutely perfect weather on the day of filming. We chose to film nearby at Champion Lakes so we could utilise the beautiful scenery - we even had a few ducks make an appearance.

The day was such a success and so fun for everyone. We filmed both videos on the one day, from 8am to 2pm at two different parts of the lake. Family members of the students came a long with picnic blankets and watched the day unfold and their children in action. It was a great experience for everyone, the younger students watched in awe as the seniors and staff performed their routines and every single person cheered on the juniors with enthusiasm.

I would like to say a special thank you to Miss Gemma & Miss Tylah for choreographing and directing the "Home" routine for our Ballet, Lyrical & Contemporary students, they put so much time and effort in to this. To the CLRA committee for opening up the hub to give our students access to a bathroom and parents access to tea and coffee. Payton for assisting with filming and directing and also Keith & Ryan for filming via drone.

We are so excited to present our two videos which can be viewed on our YouTube channel and below. We even made a fun behind the scenes/blooper reel so you can see what a great day we all had. As we celebrate our 25th year this year it was really lovely to do something different and have these memories forever.

"Home" - Our Ballet, Lyrical & Contemporary Video.

"Never Miss A Chance T0 Dance" - Our Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Musical Theatre & Acro Video.

Behind The Scenes & Bloopers Video.

Starstruck Dance Challenge May 2022

Our first set of competitions for the year was Starstruck Dance Challenge in May, held at the Morley Sport & Recreation centre. Showtime HMS sent 6 competition dancers to perform over the 4 days and are so proud that every performer came home with a placing. We heard some amazing comments from the judges such as "a force to be reckoned with" about our hip hop teacher Miss Katerina and "here's my two favourite girls" referring to Miss Gemma & Miss Tylah. Congratulations to all performers for your hard work and dedication.

1st place – Hip Hop Solo (Katerina)
1st place – Hip Hop Improvisation (Katerina)
1st place – Contemporary Solo (Tylah)
1st place – Lyrical Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
1st place – Contemporary Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
2nd Place – Jazz Solo (Gemma)
2nd Place – Jazz Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
2nd Place – Neo-Classical Duo (Hayley & Bella)
Special Mention - Own Choreography Solo (Braydee)
Overall Top 2 Senior Duos - Gemma & Tylah

Gemma & Tylah Awarded Top 2 Highest Scoring Senior Duo.

Miss Katerina "A force to be reckoned with".

End Of Year Concert 2021; Dance Like No One’s Watching

Showtime HMS students "Danced Like No One's Watching" on  Saturday 18th December at the end of year concerts.

We had 120 students hit the stage over the two performances, many for their first time, and we are so proud of each and every one of them. It is such a pleasure to see all that hard work pay off and watch the students enjoy themselves being on stage and performing for their family and friends. Showtime staff love to see how students develop and improve their performance skills and confidence throughout the year and shine on stage.

Congratulations to all performers and staff that helped put on such a wonderful show. We now take a well deserved break before commencing for our 25th year in 2021!

Junior Awards: Kale O, Elissa M, Ivy P, Jiya J & Eadie W (performance award).

Senior Awards: Hailey M, Kayle B, Payton H & Havana D (incl performance award).

Student Of The Year: Leah B.

Professional stage photo's can be viewed and ordered via the below links:
Junior professional photos
Senior professional photos
*Send us an email if you've lost the password.

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Alinta Christmas Pageant 2021

In 2020 we took a break from performing in the Christmas pageant due to Covid-19 but this year we were back!

Saturday December 4th marked the occasion. The city of Perth was all lit up and families were lined up in the streets to watch the performances. A select few of our Showtime students participated and were dressed up in Christmas colours, a mix of sparkly green and red costumes. Dancing to Christmas carols down the streets of Perth is a great way to get in to the Christmas spirit and we love being a part of the Alinta Christmas Pageant each year.

We would like to congratulate our students on how well they danced and represented Showtime HMS.

If you missed us on TV watch our video below! And don't forget to check out our Facebook albums for more photo's!

Kwinana Dance Festival 2021

The Kwinana dance festival was held over the October school holidays at the Koorliny Arts Centre running from Saturday 25th September till Tuesday 5th October. With entries from many students we are proud to see the hard work and dedication displayed in everyone’s performances.

This year the festival was huge with many categories having up to thirty entries and a total of twenty two different schools competing. We love seeing the students get up on stage and give it their best whether they place or not, the important thing is they have fun. Congratulation to everyone for getting up there and to the below who placed in such large categories.

1st  Place – 13/U Musical Theatre Solo  (Braydee)
2nd Place – 18/O Modern Solo (Gemma)
3rd Place – 13/U Acro Solo (Olivia)
3rd Place - 18/O Contemporary Solo (Tylah)
HM – 18/O Lyrical Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
HM - 18/O Lyrical Solo Open (Tylah)