Performing Arts School of the Year 2023

We are thrilled to announce that we have been honoured with the prestigious award for Performing Arts School of the Year in the Australia Prestige Awards 2023!

For the past 16 years, Corporate Live Wire & LTG have dedicated themselves to recognizing outstanding businesses through their national and international awards. In 2018, they extended their appreciation to smaller, independent businesses by introducing regional awards, acknowledging their exceptional success and hard work at a local level.

"After receiving a multitude of nominations for this year's Australia Prestige Program, and after careful consideration by our esteemed panel of industry expert judges, we are overjoyed to announce that Showtime HMS Performing Arts has been selected as the winner in the category of Performing Arts School of the Year."

This award is a testament to Showtime HMS' unwavering commitment to excellence in performing arts education. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated staff, passionate students, and supportive community for their continuous belief in our vision.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this incredible journey. Your support and encouragement are what drives us to push the boundaries and create unforgettable experiences in the world of performing arts. Congratulations once again to Helen and the entire Showtime HMS Performing Arts team for this remarkable achievement!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to strive for excellence and inspire the next generation of talented performers!

Dance for Sick Kids Raises $1,699 for Ronald McDonald House Charities!

The Dance for Sick Kids (DFSK) event recently concluded with a remarkable achievement: raising $1,699 in funds for Ronald McDonald House Charities. This 7-day dance challenge aimed to provide crucial support to over 60,000 families with seriously ill or injured children in Australia. Through a month of engaging activities and creative fundraising efforts, the Showtime HMS team and their students showcased their unwavering commitment to making a difference.

In the lead-up to the official DFSK week, the Showtime HMS team organized various gold coin donation fundraisers. Whacky Hair Week, Crazy Sock Week, PJ Week, and Rainbow Dress Week brought excitement and creativity to the cause, as students embraced the opportunity to express themselves while raising funds. Many students also joined the team's efforts and conducted their own fundraising campaigns, contributing to the overall success.

The collective efforts of the Showtime HMS team and the wider community yielded an astounding total of $440,723 raised during the DFSK event nationwide. This substantial amount will provide 2,754 nights of accommodation for families, ensuring they can remain close to their children during challenging times. The impact of these funds extends beyond mere shelter, offering families a supportive environment where they can find solace, connect with others facing similar challenges, and access necessary resources.

The overwhelming success of the DFSK event has left a lasting impression. The Showtime HMS team, along with their students and families, express deep gratitude to everyone who contributed and supported this worthy cause. With plans already underway for next year's DFSK event, the collective goal is to build upon this year's achievements and continue making a positive impact in the lives of families in need.

Starstruck Dance Challenge May 2023

The Starstruck Dance Challenge took place in May at Morley Sports Centre, and it proved to be a resounding success for the participating students. They showcased their exceptional talent through captivating solo and duo routines, garnering well-deserved recognition.

Gemma and Tylah left a lasting impression, achieving remarkable results in the competition. Their contemporary duo secured 1st place, while their jazz duo claimed 2nd place. Moreover, their heartfelt lyrical duo performance moved many audience members to tears.

Braydee demonstrated her growth and skill as she presented her self-choreographed musical theatre solo and contemporary solo, both of which secured 1st place. We are incredibly proud of her remarkable improvement. Additionally, her hip hop solo received an honorable mention.

Jiya faced fierce competition in her jazz solo category, but her efforts were commendable. She showcased impeccable technique, delivering her best performance to date.

Remarkably, little Elena, a mere 3 years old, fearlessly embraced her first major dance competition. Participating in both the lyrical and jazz improvisation categories, she claimed second place in lyrical. Her confidence on stage was truly impressive, as she flawlessly executed a beautiful ballet first position before and after her dance.

Miss Tylah's remarkable talent shone through as she secured 1st place in both her Lyrical and Neo-Classical solos. In recognition of her outstanding achievement, she was awarded a special Starstruck teddy bear and a weekend pass to the Australian dance festival, valued at $380!

Miss Gemma also showcased her skills with captivating contemporary and jazz solos, earning 2nd place in the contemporary category and 1st place in jazz.

Izzabella and Hayley graced the stage with their graceful lyrical duo, captivating the audience with their beautiful performance. Their efforts were rewarded with a 2nd place recognition.

Overall, the Starstruck Dance Challenge was a memorable event, celebrating the remarkable talents and accomplishments of these exceptional dancers.


1st Place - 18/O Jazz Solo (Gemma)
1st Place - 18/O Lyrical Solo (Tylah)
1st Place - 18/O Neo-Classical Solo (Tylah)
1st Place - 18/O Contemporary Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
1st Place - 16/U Own Choreography Solo (Braydee)
1st Place - 16/U Musical Theatre Solo ( Braydee)
2nd Place - 18/O Jazz Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
2nd Place - 18/O Lyrical Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
2nd Place - 18/O Contemporary Solo (Gemma)
2nd Place - 16/U Lyrical Duo (Izzabella & Hayley)
2nd Place - 5/U Lyrical Improvisation (Elena)
HM - 16/U Hip Hop Solo (Braydee)

Students Excel in State Dance Association Exams

At Showtime HMS Performing Arts, we are proud to announce that our Grade 5 Jazz and Grades 4 & 5 Ballet students recently took their State Dance Association exams, and we couldn't be prouder of their achievements! All of our students performed beautifully and passed their exams, which is a testament to their hard work and dedication.

Our jazz and ballet exam classes are designed to help our students improve their dance skills, strength, and flexibility. We work on a range of technical exercises, and each exercise is developed to help our students improve their dance technique. In addition to learning the theory of their chosen dance style, students also learn correct terminology and anatomy. The exams themselves require students to perform multiple different dances, which showcase their versatility as dancers.

We are thrilled to report that all of our Grade 5 Jazz and Grades 4 & 5 Ballet students passed their State Dance Association exams with flying colours. We are incredibly proud of their hard work and dedication, and we believe that their achievements reflect the quality of education that we provide at Showtime HMS Performing Arts. Our students put in countless hours of practice to perfect their skills, and it is truly inspiring to see their efforts pay off.

We are also excited to announce that our Jazz grades 2 & 4 students will take their exams later this year. We have no doubt that they will do just as well as their peers and continue to make us proud.

At Showtime HMS Performing Arts, we believe that it is important to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of our students. All students who receive a mark of 75% (Highly Commended/Honours/Honours with Distinction) and above are awarded a small gift at our end of year concert to acknowledge their hard work and achievements.

If you are interested in your child participating in exam classes read more here.

Express Dance Challenge April

The Express Dance Challenge was held in April, and it was a great success for the three students who competed: Braydee, Gemma, and Tylah. They performed solo and duo routines and received recognition for their exceptional talent.

Braydee, who competed in the Musical Theatre (Open), Hip Hop, and Own Choreography Solo categories, received a 3rd place award for her Musical Theatre routine. She also received an Honorable Mention for her Hip Hop Solo and a Special Mention for her Own Choreography Solo. These achievements reflect her hard work and dedication to dance.

Gemma and Tylah also had a remarkable performance. They competed in three duos and received invitations to compete in the state championships later this year. Gemma and Tylah's performances included a 1st Place Lyrical Duo, a 1st Place Contemporary Duo, and a 2nd Place Jazz Duo.

Gemma's solos were outstanding, and she received invitations to compete in the state championships for both her Contemporary Solo and her Jazz Solo. Gemma's Contemporary Solo was the highest-scoring solo of the entire competition. She received a 1st Place award for her Contemporary Solo (Novice) and a 3rd Place award for her Jazz Solo (Open). These achievements reflect her exceptional talent and hard work.

Tylah also had a successful performance, receiving invitations to compete in the state championships for both her Contemporary Solo and Lyrical Solo. She received a 2nd Place award for both routines. Tylah's talent was also recognized with a Judges Choice Award.

In conclusion, the Express Dance Challenge was a great success for all three students who competed. They showcased their talent and dedication to dance, and their hard work paid off with outstanding performances and recognition for their exceptional talent. We look forward to seeing them compete at the state championships later this year.


1st Place - 18/O Contemporary Solo (Gemma)
1st Place - 18/O Lyrical Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
1st Place - 18/O Contemporary Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
2nd Place - 18/O Jazz Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
2nd Place - 18/O Contemporary Solo Open (Tylah)
2nd Place - 18/O Lyrical Solo Open (Tylah)
3rd Place - 18/O Modern Solo Open (Gemma)
3rd Place - 15/U Musical Theatre Solo Open (Braydee)
HM - 15/U Hip Hop Solo (Braydee)
SM - 15/U Own Choreography Solo (Braydee)
Highest Scoring Solo - Gemma Morgan Contemporary Solo
Judges Choice Award - Tylah King

Showtime HMS Performing Arts selected as a finalist in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards

We are thrilled to announce that Showtime HMS Performing Arts has been selected as a finalist in the prestigious Australian Small Business Champion Awards for 2023! This is a significant achievement for us, and we are incredibly grateful for this recognition. The awards are highly respected in the Australian business community, and being selected as a finalist is a testament to our dedication, hard work, and commitment to providing excellence in the performing arts industry.

The Australian Small Business Champion Awards is an annual event that celebrates the achievements of small businesses across Australia. It recognizes the contributions made by small businesses to the economy, their local communities, and society as a whole. The awards showcase the best of the best in the small business industry, with categories ranging from hospitality to retail, tourism, and professional services. This year, over 4,500 entries were received from small businesses all over Australia, making the competition even more fierce.

Showtime HMS Performing Arts has been selected as a finalist in the Dance Studio category. This recognition is a testament to our dedication to providing quality dance education to our students. We believe that dance is an art form that has the power to inspire, transform and empower people of all ages. Our team is passionate about sharing this art form with the community and helping our students reach their full potential.

Being selected as a finalist in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards is a huge honour for us. We are proud to be recognised for our achievements and excited to be a part of this year's awards ceremony. We believe that this recognition will help us to continue to grow and improve as a business, and to continue to provide excellent performing arts education to our students.

25th Anniversary Concert 2022

This year due to covid restrictions early on in the year we made the decision to not have a mid-year concert and only have one big end of year concert to celebrate our 25th Anniversary. The students were really eager to get on stage come December 17th and show their families and friends what they had been working on all year.

This year we decorated our photo wall with some silver celebration balloons and had all students, junior and senior, performing together in the one concert. It was a wonderful day and everyone performed so well. We finished the night with a bang, with confetti poppers during our finale dance which was kept a surprise from all the students just to make it even more fun. It was also a privilege to have one of our ex-teachers Bree Smith join us on stage singing the finale.

Clas Awards: Tejasvi S, Summer D, Jiya J, Thomas B, Madison S, Hayley D, Stella V, Marcus B, Arianna D, Ciara-Mae N, Indigo N, Ella-blu S, Mackenzie B, Vinuthi D, Izzabella C, Nakitta B, Hayley W, Leah B, Sophia R, Mia H, Amelia S, Sahara P, Braydee A, Cassandra D, Liliana A,  & Rio D.

Performance Awards: Mia H & Isabelle P.

Spirit Awards: Emily R & Yizhen P.

Student Of The Year: Braydee A.

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