Princess Party

During the October school holidays we held our first full day holiday program and had a Princess Party! Students dressed up as their favourite Princess or Prince and spent the day at the studio with so many fun activities.

We started out by making and decorating our own crowns to wear, which saw some fabulous creations! Students all then sat in a circle to play an 'icebreaker' game where we all learnt some new and interesting facts about each other. Next was a quick snack break of Nutella biscuits with sprinkles.

After morning tea Miss Bella taught everyone a fun dance routine to The Lion King's "I Just Cant Wait To Be King". A special surprise was up next - we had hired some silent disco headphones so it was time to dim the lights, get the disco lights out and have a party! We even had a few games of musical statues and musical bobs - of course we all needed to set the headphones to the same channel for this one.

Lunch break included supplied sandwiches, chips and fruit. After lunch we settled in for a movie, the most voted was "Beauty & The Beast" - while being served popcorn and hot chocolate. After the movie we all shared our favourite parts of the day and then wrapped the afternoon up with a final silent disco dance-off!

The day was an absolute blast and we cannot wait for the next holiday program. I wonder what theme it will be?