Star Search Festival 2018

Over the first week of school holidays 24 of our students braved the competition scene at the Star Search Dance Festival. Going on stage knowing you are being judged & graded is so much harder than going on stage just to perform for an audience so we salute all our students that had the courage to get up there!

Coming home with a placing or honourable mention is a great achievement and of course exciting for the students, however as a teacher the best part about the last week at competitions was seeing our students support each other and take the time out of their holidays to come watch and cheer on their peers. Showtime staff have been so proud of all students and parents involved.

We have also had many students who in the past didn't have the confidence to compete with a solo whom now, after dancing with their peers in duo's & trio's, are keen to get out there themselves and do a solo for the next set of competitions. This is what competitions is all about, it doesn't matter if you win or not, but the confidence and stage experience you gain by being involved is priceless! Great work Showtime!!!


2nd Place - 18/O National Solo Novice (Jennifer.C)
2nd Place - 15/U Tap Solo Novice (Jennifer.B)
2nd Place - 9/U Hip Hop Solo Novice (Ciara-Mae)
2nd Place - 9/U Hip Hop Trio (Ashleigh, Ivy & Olivia)
3rd Place - 15/U Neo Classical Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
3rd Place - 15/U Hip Hop Duo (Liliana & Monique)
3rd Place - 11/U Hip Hop Troupe
3rd Place - 11/U Song & Dance Solo Novice (Braydee)


Ciaramae with award for hip hop solo
neoclassical duo with award