Starstruck Dance Challenge 2021

After a year of taking a break from dance competitions we started the 2021 season with a bang!

Our Showtime HMS competitors entered the Starstruck Dance Challenge in August and we were blown away by how outstanding they were. Two of our competitors, Htee Moo Wah and Miss Tylah, were even invited back by the judge to perform at the awards gala. The awards gala was full of excitement as we received three of the overall highest scoring awards and Miss Tylah won the "Personality Award".

Students that compete at external events learn their routines during private lessons with our teachers. They usually will work on the same dance for a couple of years to perform at the different events and competitions we attend. If you are interested in getting your child in to dance competitions please get in touch for further information.

1st place – Lyrical Solo (Tylah)
1st place – Hip Hop Solo (Htee Moo Wah)
2nd Place – Jazz Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
2nd Place – Lyrical Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
3rd Place – Contemporary Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
3rd Place – Own Choreography Duo (Havana & Isabelle)
3rd Place - Jazz Solo (Leah)
3rd Place - Jazz Solo (Gemma)
Personality Award - Tylah
Overall Top 2 Senior Duos - Gemma & Tylah
Overall Top 4 Senior Soloists - Gemma
Overall Top 4 Intermediate Soloists - Htee Moo Wah

Gemma, Htee Moo Wah & Tylah at the awards gala.

Tylah won the "Personality Award" of the whole festival.