Starstruck Dance Challenge May 2023

The Starstruck Dance Challenge took place in May at Morley Sports Centre, and it proved to be a resounding success for the participating students. They showcased their exceptional talent through captivating solo and duo routines, garnering well-deserved recognition.

Gemma and Tylah left a lasting impression, achieving remarkable results in the competition. Their contemporary duo secured 1st place, while their jazz duo claimed 2nd place. Moreover, their heartfelt lyrical duo performance moved many audience members to tears.

Braydee demonstrated her growth and skill as she presented her self-choreographed musical theatre solo and contemporary solo, both of which secured 1st place. We are incredibly proud of her remarkable improvement. Additionally, her hip hop solo received an honorable mention.

Jiya faced fierce competition in her jazz solo category, but her efforts were commendable. She showcased impeccable technique, delivering her best performance to date.

Remarkably, little Elena, a mere 3 years old, fearlessly embraced her first major dance competition. Participating in both the lyrical and jazz improvisation categories, she claimed second place in lyrical. Her confidence on stage was truly impressive, as she flawlessly executed a beautiful ballet first position before and after her dance.

Miss Tylah's remarkable talent shone through as she secured 1st place in both her Lyrical and Neo-Classical solos. In recognition of her outstanding achievement, she was awarded a special Starstruck teddy bear and a weekend pass to the Australian dance festival, valued at $380!

Miss Gemma also showcased her skills with captivating contemporary and jazz solos, earning 2nd place in the contemporary category and 1st place in jazz.

Izzabella and Hayley graced the stage with their graceful lyrical duo, captivating the audience with their beautiful performance. Their efforts were rewarded with a 2nd place recognition.

Overall, the Starstruck Dance Challenge was a memorable event, celebrating the remarkable talents and accomplishments of these exceptional dancers.


1st Place - 18/O Jazz Solo (Gemma)
1st Place - 18/O Lyrical Solo (Tylah)
1st Place - 18/O Neo-Classical Solo (Tylah)
1st Place - 18/O Contemporary Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
1st Place - 16/U Own Choreography Solo (Braydee)
1st Place - 16/U Musical Theatre Solo ( Braydee)
2nd Place - 18/O Jazz Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
2nd Place - 18/O Lyrical Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
2nd Place - 18/O Contemporary Solo (Gemma)
2nd Place - 16/U Lyrical Duo (Izzabella & Hayley)
2nd Place - 5/U Lyrical Improvisation (Elena)
HM - 16/U Hip Hop Solo (Braydee)