Star Struck Dance Challenge 2018

This year we sent our students off to a new set of competitions, Star Struck Dance Challenge, held over a Friday night and Sunday. It was a lovely, friendly weekend competing against different dance schools that we don't usually see at our regular competitions so we got to make some great new friends as well! Everyone also loved being able to watch the other performers and their peers throughout the competition.

Our students shone on stage as per usual, and the results were amazing. We were blown away when Gemma & Tylah received the award for 2nd highest overall score in the senior duo/trio section with their Neo-Classical duo.


1st Place - 12/U Lyrical Solo (Sophie.S)
1st Place - 16/U Hip Hop Duo (Liliana & Monique)
1st Place - 16/U Neo-Classical Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
2nd Place - 18/O Modern Duo (Liliana & Petrina)
2nd Place - 18/O Contemporary Duo (Petrina & Katelyn)
2nd Place - 10/U Entertainment Solo (Braydee)
2nd Place - 12/U Hip Hop Troupe
2nd Place - 14/U & 16/U Modern Troupe
2nd Place - 10/U Hip Hop Trio (Ashleigh, Ivy & Olivia)
2nd Place - 14/U & 16/U Modern Duo (Sophie.S & Izabella)
2nd Place - 16/U Hip Hop Solo (Liliana)
3rd Place - 16/U Modern Solo (Tylah)
3rd Place - 16/U Contemporary Solo (Gemma)
3rd Place - 10/U Hip Hop Solo (Ciara-Mae)

Highest scoring senior duo/trio - 2nd Place Gemma & Tylah


Gemma & Tylah - 2nd Highest Duo Score