State Dance Association Exams

Last year Covid-19 lockdowns had a big impact on our exam classes. With the exception of grade 5 jazz, many of our students chose to hold off on taking their full exam. Instead they took a smaller performance exam and continued to work on their technique ready for this year.

Our jazz and ballet exam classes work on a range of technical exercises to improve their dancing. Each exercise is developed to help improve their dance skills, strength and flexibility. They must learn theory about the styles of dance they are doing, correct terminology and anatomy. Some of the exams include performing multiple different dances to show versatility.

In 2021 all of our exam students participated in their full exam. We are so pleased to announce everyone passed with many students receiving grades in the top 15%! For the remainder of the year they will work on preparing a routine for our end of year concert and then next year move up to the next grade.

If you are interested in your child participating in exam classes read more here.