Phly Crew Workshop

On Sunday 6th of October Aimee and Neale came to Showtime HMS to give our students an opportunity to participate in a workshop. Resulting in Professionals teaching combos and new tricks. Workshops are always a great experience that are so much fun.

These workshops were available for a range of ages as they had a junior/beginner workshop for those aged 9-12-year old’s and a senior workshop for those dancers 12 years or older.

The workshops consisted of a fun Sunday filled with 2 hours of dancing fun. The juniors learned lyrical with Aimee and jazz/funk/hip hop with Neale while the seniors learned jazz with Neale and lyrical with Aimee. As well as the students workshops the teachers of Showtime HMS were in for a treat with a 1-hour private staff workshop which both Aimee and Neale ran together to teach the Showtime teachers’ and student teachers new tricks and teaching techniques.

We love having Phly Crew at Showtime HMS and can't wait to have them back again soon!