SDA Competition

This year the State Dance Association introduced a new competition for dancers all over Australia enabling them to submit videos of their routines in order to compete. We then all logged in to Zoom at the same time to watch all the other competitors and see the judges decision. Students spent time in the studio rehearsing and filming their routines with upmost professionalism. Our competitors made us extremely proud with their efforts in this new experience and achieved magnificent results!


Havana and Isabelle: Jazz duo, 1st Place

Braydee Audrain: Contemporary solo, 3rd Place

Havana Diaz: Contemporary solo, Honourable Mention

Isabelle Portier: Jazz solo, Honourable Mention

State Dance Association Exams

For the past two years our students here at Showtime have been given the opportunity to participate in jazz and ballet exam classes. Each year in October the exam class students undertake a practical exam at the Showtime studio in front of an external examiner.

Due to the unexpected closure of our studio in March and the continued disruptions throughout the year, we made the decision to replace the full examination with a performance exam. The performance exam consisted of each exam class demonstrating the skills and technique they learnt throughout the year in a dance presented to the examiner. This gave the students the opportunity to express their development and showcase that they are on the way to completing the full exam in 2021.

Our older students in the Jazz grade 5 class were the exception and managed to complete the full exam in an incredibly unpredictable year and received amazing results. All of our students passed and we congratulate many who did their first ever exam!

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State Dance Association Exams

At the beginning of 2019 Showtime HMS  had introduced both ballet and jazz State Dance Association exam classes into the timetable. These exam classes included new material and techniques being taught in preparation to the students’ exams in term 4.

The exam classes required attention, dedication and practice. In class the students learnt a number of exercises, theory, correct terminology and short dances which they had to memorise completely for the exam. Students who were in these exam classes weren’t forced into participating in the exam, so if they felt that they weren’t ready they can remain in the same grade and participate in the exam the following year.

However, those students who were ready to complete their exams had mock exams which helped prepare the students for the real event which was just a few weeks after the mock exams. These mock exams helped students understand how the exam would work and outlined exactly what they knew and what needed some improvement in class before the actual exams.

Mock exams were spread over a few days and were held on Monday 2nd, Thursday 5th and Saturday 7th of September.

The actual State Dance Association examinations were run over two days, Friday 18th and Saturday the 19th of October where they were assessed by an SDA examiner.

A huge congratulations to all student who participated because not only did all our students pass, but everyone received a result of commended (65%) or above.

If you are interested in your child participating in exam classes read more here.