“I really enjoyed the escape room as well as the wax museum. The Monday was a really fun and energetic day I really had fun hanging out with the other girls.”


“I really enjoyed the concerts, it was amazing to see what other dancers could accomplish”


“My Favourite part of the trip was seeing all the amazing dancers around Australia and being taught by the best. I loved learning all the different styles and becoming a better dancer”


“I really enjoyed the escape room, it was a very challenging task but I loved how we all worked together as a team!”


“I enjoyed the workshops and learnt a lot of new things and it really challenged me and made me a better dancer. Thank you Helen for organising such an amazing trip”


“I enjoyed making new friends and getting to know the other girls at Showtime. My favourite workshop was Neale Whittakers contemporary workshop”


“I love pushing myself in the workshops and the inspiration it gives me. I also really enjoy getting to know the girls and their parents better during the trip”