Exam Classes

Exam Classes

Our Ballet and Jazz Exam classes follow the State Dance Association Syllabus and are available for ages 5yrs & up.

Students learn short exercises that help develop their dance technique as well as learning correct dance terminology, anatomy, safe dance practices and dance history. Classes will work on the exam material for the first 3 terms of the year and then take their exams at the beginning of term 4. After this they work on a concert routine for our end of year concert.

While it is highly encouraged that students take their graded exam in term 4 it is not compulsory and if we feel students are not quite ready we encourage them to wait until the following year.

Students who pass their exam will receive a detailed report, certificate and medallion.

Why do an exam class? These classes really work to develop and improve technique whereas our general classes focus more so on concert routines. It takes a great amount of discipline to study theory and work hard in class to reach the technical requirements of each grade. Achieving your goals heightens self esteem and by doing this in a shared environment it increases the students respect for teamwork and their fellow students.

If you are unsure which class/grade is suited to your child, or cannot find an exam class for your child's age please get in contact and we can direct you to the correct class.

Exam Class Times

Day Time Class Age
Monday 4:00-5:00pm Jazz Exam 5/6 13 yrs +
Monday 4:45-5:45pm Ballet Exam 4/5 11yrs +
Monday 5:00-6:00pm Jazz Exam 4 11 yrs +
Monday 5:45-6:45pm Ballet Exam Elementary 15 yrs +
Tuesday 4:45-5:45pm Ballet & Jazz Exam 5-10 yrs