End Of Year Concert – SMIA Awards Night

Showtime HMS wrapped up 2019 with two huge concerts on Saturday 21st December.

Themed as a music awards night our audience members were VIP guests at the SMIA (Showtime Music Industry Awards). Who would be the best dressed star on the red carpet? Which great artists will win an award? All was revealed throughout our concert hosted by our musical theatre student Alexis.

It is such a pleasure to see how much our students enjoy being on stage and performing for their family and friends. Showtime staff love to see how students develop and improve their performance skills and confidence throughout the year and shine on stage.

Congratulations to all performers and staff that helped put on such a wonderful show. We now take a well deserved break before commencing for an even bigger year in 2020.

Junior Awards: Zoey B, Maggie G, Bayleigh B, Isaiah G & Htee Moo Wah H (performance award).

Senior Awards: Braydee A, Ciara-Mae N, Dylan R, Joanne M & Elliana A (performance award).

Student Of The Year: Havana D.

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Junior professional photos
Senior professional photos
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