Kwinana Dance Festival 2019

The Kwinana dance festival was held over the October school holidays at the Koorliny Arts Centre running from Saturday 28th September till Sunday 6th October. With entries from many students we are proud to see the hard work and dedication displayed in everyone’s performances. We love seeing the students get up on stage and perform their solos or duos and give it their best and represent Showtime HMS. Congratulation to everyone.

2nd Place – 11/U Musical Theatre Solo  (Braydee)
2nd Place – 17/U Tap Solo (Liliana)
3rd Place – 9/U Hip Hop Solo (Isaiah)
HM – 11/U Hip Hop Duo (Molly & Ashleigh)
HM – 7/U Hip Hop Solo (Htee Moo Wah)
HM – 11/U Acro Solo (Olivia)

Starstruck Dance Challenge 2019

Following some amazing results achieved at Starstruck Dance Challenge in 2018, Showtime students competed again this year over two weekends in August.

Our competitors worked extremely hard in the first half of the year leading up to the competition and this reflected in the outstanding performances by all and the results achieved. Students received various placings from honourable mentions to 1st place. Showtime students even took home three overall highest scoring awards and Miss Gemma won the Senior Star Performer Award.

We even had some very brave students compete in the improvisation sections and we are so proud of their efforts. We can’t wait to compete again in 2020!

1st place – 14-17yrs Lyrical Solo (Gemma)
1st place – 14-17yrs Neo Classical Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
1st Place – 14-17yrs Lyrical Duo(Gemma & Tylah)
2nd Place – 16/U Contemporary Solo (Gemma)
2nd Place – 10-1yrs Entertainment Solo (Braydee)
2nd Place – 6/U Hip Hop Solo (Htee Moo Wah)
3rd Place – 14-17yrs Tap Solo (Liliana)
3rd Place – 10-13yrs Contemporary Solo (Sophie)
HM – 10-13yrs Hip Hop Solo (Mia)
HM – 10-13yrs Acro Duo (Olivia & Talisha)
HM – 7-9yrs Hip Hop Solo(Isaiah)
Highest Scoring Senior Soloist – Gemma
Highest Scoring Lyrical Solo - Gemma
Highest Scoring Duo/Trio – Gemma & Tylah
Senior Star Performer – Gemma

Gemma & Tylah with their many awards.

Miss Gemma won Highest Scoring Soloist of the festival.

Star Search Competitions 2019

In the July holidays some of our Showtime Students participated in the Star Search dance competitions which ran from Saturday 6th to Friday 12th of July. Our students performed at Kennedy Baptist College Cockburn. We are pleased to have seen our students up on stage smiling and having fun. Congratulations to all performers.

1st place – 17/U Neo Classical Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
1st place – 17/U Lyrical Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
2nd place – 9/U Hip Hop Solo (Isaiah)
3rd place – 11/U Tap Solo (Izzabella)
3rd place – 11/U Hip Hop Duo (Molly & Ashleigh)
HM – 11/U Acro Duo (Olivia & Talisha)

Express Dance Challenge 2019

In May over just one weekend a small group of students participated in the new competition Express Dance Challenge. Over Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of May we had 9 entries into this competition and all of our students received a placing which is amazing! Due to this competition being held early in the year in resulted in not a lot of time to prepare and rehearse, because of this we say a huge congratulations to those students who worked hard and participated.

1st place – 10/U Tap Solo (Izzabella)
3rd place – 8/U Hip Hop Solo (Isaiah)
3rd place - 10/U Hip Hop Solo (Ciara-Mae)
3rd place – 10/U & 12/U Hip Hop Trio (Ashleigh, Ivy, Ciara-Mae)
HM –  12/U & 14/U Acro Solo (Savannah)
SM – 5/U Jazz Solo (Harmonie)
SM – 8/U Lyrical Solo (Isabelle)
SM – 10/U Jazz Solo (Ivy)
SM – 16/U Jazz Solo (Tylah)

Kwinana Dance Festival 2018

The school holidays saw the last of our competitions for the year with the Kwinana Dance Festival. This season we had quite a few students competing with their first ever solo and we couldn't be prouder of them! They remembered their dances and didn't let nerves get the best of them, some even coming home with places from their first ever competition.

Congratulations to all of our students involved and a big thank you goes to our teachers for their wonderful choreography and taking the time out of their break to come and support the students.


2nd Place - 18/O Musical Theatre Solo Novice (Jennifer.C)
2nd Place - 17/U Neo Classical Solo Novice (Gemma)
2nd Place - 9/U Hip Hop Solo Novice (Isaiah)
3rd Place - 9/U Hip Hop Solo Novice (Ciara-Mae)
3rd Place - 9/U Hip Hop Trio (Ashleigh, Ivy & Ciara-Mae)
HM - 13/U Acro Duo (Hayley & Leah)
HM - 11/U Song & Dance Solo Novice (Braydee)
HM - 5/U Modern Solo Novice (Harmonie)


Star Struck Dance Challenge 2018

This year we sent our students off to a new set of competitions, Star Struck Dance Challenge, held over a Friday night and Sunday. It was a lovely, friendly weekend competing against different dance schools that we don't usually see at our regular competitions so we got to make some great new friends as well! Everyone also loved being able to watch the other performers and their peers throughout the competition.

Our students shone on stage as per usual, and the results were amazing. We were blown away when Gemma & Tylah received the award for 2nd highest overall score in the senior duo/trio section with their Neo-Classical duo.


1st Place - 12/U Lyrical Solo (Sophie.S)
1st Place - 16/U Hip Hop Duo (Liliana & Monique)
1st Place - 16/U Neo-Classical Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
2nd Place - 18/O Modern Duo (Liliana & Petrina)
2nd Place - 18/O Contemporary Duo (Petrina & Katelyn)
2nd Place - 10/U Entertainment Solo (Braydee)
2nd Place - 12/U Hip Hop Troupe
2nd Place - 14/U & 16/U Modern Troupe
2nd Place - 10/U Hip Hop Trio (Ashleigh, Ivy & Olivia)
2nd Place - 14/U & 16/U Modern Duo (Sophie.S & Izabella)
2nd Place - 16/U Hip Hop Solo (Liliana)
3rd Place - 16/U Modern Solo (Tylah)
3rd Place - 16/U Contemporary Solo (Gemma)
3rd Place - 10/U Hip Hop Solo (Ciara-Mae)

Highest scoring senior duo/trio - 2nd Place Gemma & Tylah


Gemma & Tylah - 2nd Highest Duo Score

Star Search Festival 2018

Over the first week of school holidays 24 of our students braved the competition scene at the Star Search Dance Festival. Going on stage knowing you are being judged & graded is so much harder than going on stage just to perform for an audience so we salute all our students that had the courage to get up there!

Coming home with a placing or honourable mention is a great achievement and of course exciting for the students, however as a teacher the best part about the last week at competitions was seeing our students support each other and take the time out of their holidays to come watch and cheer on their peers. Showtime staff have been so proud of all students and parents involved.

We have also had many students who in the past didn't have the confidence to compete with a solo whom now, after dancing with their peers in duo's & trio's, are keen to get out there themselves and do a solo for the next set of competitions. This is what competitions is all about, it doesn't matter if you win or not, but the confidence and stage experience you gain by being involved is priceless! Great work Showtime!!!


2nd Place - 18/O National Solo Novice (Jennifer.C)
2nd Place - 15/U Tap Solo Novice (Jennifer.B)
2nd Place - 9/U Hip Hop Solo Novice (Ciara-Mae)
2nd Place - 9/U Hip Hop Trio (Ashleigh, Ivy & Olivia)
3rd Place - 15/U Neo Classical Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
3rd Place - 15/U Hip Hop Duo (Liliana & Monique)
3rd Place - 11/U Hip Hop Troupe
3rd Place - 11/U Song & Dance Solo Novice (Braydee)


Ciaramae with award for hip hop solo
neoclassical duo with award

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