Ultimate Dance Challenge 2023

Showtime HMS Shines Bright at the first Ultimate Dance Challenge

The stage was set, the dancers were ready, and the anticipation was palpable as Showtime HMS Performing Arts made its debut at the first-ever Ultimate Dance Challenge, held from August 5th to 13th, 2023. This new dance competition promised to be a groundbreaking event, and it certainly lived up to its billing. Showtime HMS left an indelible mark on this inaugural competition, with our talented dancers securing top honors and even earning coveted invitations to the championships.

Showtime HMS dancers poured their hearts and souls into their performances at the Ultimate Dance Challenge, showcasing their extraordinary talent, dedication, and creativity. Their hard work paid off as they claimed numerous top spots, dazzling both the judges and the audience.

  • Gemma led the charge with a spectacular performance, clinching 1st place in the Open Jazz Solo category and setting the stage for an impressive competition.
  • Kate brought her unique style to the stage and secured an impressive 3rd place in Hip Hop Improvisation, displaying her exceptional skill and innovation.
  • Gemma continued her winning streak, taking home another 1st place in the Broadway Solo category.
  • Braydee wowed the judges with her captivating Own Choreography Solo, earning herself a well-deserved 3rd place.
  • Braydee continued to shine, grabbing 2nd place in Open Musical Theatre Solo, demonstrating her versatility and flair.
  • Ciara-Mae made her mark with a powerful performance, securing 2nd place in Hip Hop Solo and earning an invitation to compete at the championships.
  • Braydee showcased her hip hop prowess once again, earning 3rd place in Hip Hop Solo.
  • Gemma returned to the stage for the Open Contemporary Solo category, where she not only clinched 1st place but also earned an invitation to compete at the championships.
  • And not to be outdone, Gemma secured yet another 1st place in the Open Lyrical Solo category, cementing her status as a true dance virtuoso.

The excitement didn't end with the Ultimate Dance Challenge. On the final day of the competition, Showtime HMS Performing Arts returned to cheer on our exceptional dancers, Gemma and Ciara-Mae, who had received invitations to compete at the championships.

In a thrilling climax to this remarkable journey, Gemma was awarded 3rd place Champion Dancer (Senior) at the championships. Her dedication, skill, and artistry were on full display as she wowed the audience and judges alike. This remarkable achievement reflects Gemma's extraordinary talent and her commitment to the art of dance.

We couldn't be prouder of Gemma, Kate, Braydee, and Ciara-Mae for their outstanding achievements at the Ultimate Dance Challenge and the championships. Their dedication and artistry have set a high standard for future competitions, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for these remarkable dancers.

As we look ahead, Showtime HMS Performing Arts remains committed to nurturing and showcasing the incredible talent of our students. With each performance, we continue to raise the bar and inspire the next generation of dancers. Thank you to all our dancers, their families, and our dedicated instructors for making our debut at the Ultimate Dance Challenge a resounding success.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Showtime HMS Performing Arts as we continue to dance our way to new heights!

Miss Helen with Gemma & Ciara-Mae at the UDC Championships
Miss Gemma 3rd Place Champion Dancer


Express Dance Challenge Busselton

Over the July school holidays, the stage was set for an unforgettable journey as Miss Gemma and Miss Tylah embarked on a road trip to Busselton to participate in the highly competitive Express Dance Challenge Busselton 2023. This dance competition brought together elite schools from across the region, setting the scene for an exhilarating display of talent and artistry.

The road trip to Busselton was more than just a journey; it was a testament to the dedication and passion of our dancers. Miss Gemma and Miss Tylah's commitment to their craft was evident as they ventured into the heart of dance excellence.

In the world of dance, duos require a special connection and synchronization. Miss Gemma and Miss Tylah showcased their bond and artistry in two captivating duo performances.

  • In the Contemporary Duo category, they earned a well-deserved 3rd place and secured an invitation to the highly anticipated state championships.
  • The Lyrical Duo performance left a lasting impression, earning them the coveted 1st place and another invitation to the state championships.

While their duet performances were remarkable, Miss Tylah and Miss Gemma also wowed the audience with their individual solos.

Tylah's solo achievements included:

  • 1st Place in Jazz Solo, demonstrating her exceptional technique and style.
  • 3rd place in Open Neo-Classical Solo, earning her an invitation to the state championships.
  • A special mention for her mesmerizing Open Contemporary Solo performance.

Gemma's solo journey was equally impressive, with accolades that included:

  • 1st Place in Lyrical Solo Open, a testament to her emotive storytelling through dance.
  • A dazzling 1st Place in Broadway Solo, showcasing her versatility and theatrical flair.
  • An honorable mention in the Open Jazz Solo category, accompanied by an invitation to the state championships.

The pinnacle of this extraordinary competition came when the overall awards were announced. Miss Gemma was named Senior Champion Dancer, a title that reflects her outstanding talent and artistry. Miss Tylah, equally remarkable, achieved the accolade of Second Runner-Up Champion Dancer.

The journey is far from over for Miss Gemma and Miss Tylah. Their exceptional performances at the Express Dance Challenge Busselton 2023 have earned them invitations to the state championships, which will be held in October. The entire Showtime HMS Performing Arts community eagerly anticipates witnessing their continued success and the magic they will bring to the stage once more.

As we count down the days to the state championships, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Miss Gemma and Miss Tylah for their remarkable achievements in Busselton. We have no doubt that they will continue to inspire us with their dedication, talent, and passion for the art of dance.

Stay tuned for updates as we follow their journey to the state championships and beyond. The future is bright, and the stage is set for these extraordinary dancers to shine.

Starstruck Dance Challenge May 2023

The Starstruck Dance Challenge took place in May at Morley Sports Centre, and it proved to be a resounding success for the participating students. They showcased their exceptional talent through captivating solo and duo routines, garnering well-deserved recognition.

Gemma and Tylah left a lasting impression, achieving remarkable results in the competition. Their contemporary duo secured 1st place, while their jazz duo claimed 2nd place. Moreover, their heartfelt lyrical duo performance moved many audience members to tears.

Braydee demonstrated her growth and skill as she presented her self-choreographed musical theatre solo and contemporary solo, both of which secured 1st place. We are incredibly proud of her remarkable improvement. Additionally, her hip hop solo received an honorable mention.

Jiya faced fierce competition in her jazz solo category, but her efforts were commendable. She showcased impeccable technique, delivering her best performance to date.

Remarkably, little Elena, a mere 3 years old, fearlessly embraced her first major dance competition. Participating in both the lyrical and jazz improvisation categories, she claimed second place in lyrical. Her confidence on stage was truly impressive, as she flawlessly executed a beautiful ballet first position before and after her dance.

Miss Tylah's remarkable talent shone through as she secured 1st place in both her Lyrical and Neo-Classical solos. In recognition of her outstanding achievement, she was awarded a special Starstruck teddy bear and a weekend pass to the Australian dance festival, valued at $380!

Miss Gemma also showcased her skills with captivating contemporary and jazz solos, earning 2nd place in the contemporary category and 1st place in jazz.

Izzabella and Hayley graced the stage with their graceful lyrical duo, captivating the audience with their beautiful performance. Their efforts were rewarded with a 2nd place recognition.

Overall, the Starstruck Dance Challenge was a memorable event, celebrating the remarkable talents and accomplishments of these exceptional dancers.


1st Place - 18/O Jazz Solo (Gemma)
1st Place - 18/O Lyrical Solo (Tylah)
1st Place - 18/O Neo-Classical Solo (Tylah)
1st Place - 18/O Contemporary Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
1st Place - 16/U Own Choreography Solo (Braydee)
1st Place - 16/U Musical Theatre Solo ( Braydee)
2nd Place - 18/O Jazz Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
2nd Place - 18/O Lyrical Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
2nd Place - 18/O Contemporary Solo (Gemma)
2nd Place - 16/U Lyrical Duo (Izzabella & Hayley)
2nd Place - 5/U Lyrical Improvisation (Elena)
HM - 16/U Hip Hop Solo (Braydee)

Students Excel in State Dance Association Exams

At Showtime HMS Performing Arts, we are proud to announce that our Grade 5 Jazz and Grades 4 & 5 Ballet students recently took their State Dance Association exams, and we couldn't be prouder of their achievements! All of our students performed beautifully and passed their exams, which is a testament to their hard work and dedication.

Our jazz and ballet exam classes are designed to help our students improve their dance skills, strength, and flexibility. We work on a range of technical exercises, and each exercise is developed to help our students improve their dance technique. In addition to learning the theory of their chosen dance style, students also learn correct terminology and anatomy. The exams themselves require students to perform multiple different dances, which showcase their versatility as dancers.

We are thrilled to report that all of our Grade 5 Jazz and Grades 4 & 5 Ballet students passed their State Dance Association exams with flying colours. We are incredibly proud of their hard work and dedication, and we believe that their achievements reflect the quality of education that we provide at Showtime HMS Performing Arts. Our students put in countless hours of practice to perfect their skills, and it is truly inspiring to see their efforts pay off.

We are also excited to announce that our Jazz grades 2 & 4 students will take their exams later this year. We have no doubt that they will do just as well as their peers and continue to make us proud.

At Showtime HMS Performing Arts, we believe that it is important to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of our students. All students who receive a mark of 75% (Highly Commended/Honours/Honours with Distinction) and above are awarded a small gift at our end of year concert to acknowledge their hard work and achievements.

If you are interested in your child participating in exam classes read more here.

Express Dance Challenge April

The Express Dance Challenge was held in April, and it was a great success for the three students who competed: Braydee, Gemma, and Tylah. They performed solo and duo routines and received recognition for their exceptional talent.

Braydee, who competed in the Musical Theatre (Open), Hip Hop, and Own Choreography Solo categories, received a 3rd place award for her Musical Theatre routine. She also received an Honorable Mention for her Hip Hop Solo and a Special Mention for her Own Choreography Solo. These achievements reflect her hard work and dedication to dance.

Gemma and Tylah also had a remarkable performance. They competed in three duos and received invitations to compete in the state championships later this year. Gemma and Tylah's performances included a 1st Place Lyrical Duo, a 1st Place Contemporary Duo, and a 2nd Place Jazz Duo.

Gemma's solos were outstanding, and she received invitations to compete in the state championships for both her Contemporary Solo and her Jazz Solo. Gemma's Contemporary Solo was the highest-scoring solo of the entire competition. She received a 1st Place award for her Contemporary Solo (Novice) and a 3rd Place award for her Jazz Solo (Open). These achievements reflect her exceptional talent and hard work.

Tylah also had a successful performance, receiving invitations to compete in the state championships for both her Contemporary Solo and Lyrical Solo. She received a 2nd Place award for both routines. Tylah's talent was also recognized with a Judges Choice Award.

In conclusion, the Express Dance Challenge was a great success for all three students who competed. They showcased their talent and dedication to dance, and their hard work paid off with outstanding performances and recognition for their exceptional talent. We look forward to seeing them compete at the state championships later this year.


1st Place - 18/O Contemporary Solo (Gemma)
1st Place - 18/O Lyrical Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
1st Place - 18/O Contemporary Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
2nd Place - 18/O Jazz Duo (Gemma & Tylah)
2nd Place - 18/O Contemporary Solo Open (Tylah)
2nd Place - 18/O Lyrical Solo Open (Tylah)
3rd Place - 18/O Modern Solo Open (Gemma)
3rd Place - 15/U Musical Theatre Solo Open (Braydee)
HM - 15/U Hip Hop Solo (Braydee)
SM - 15/U Own Choreography Solo (Braydee)
Highest Scoring Solo - Gemma Morgan Contemporary Solo
Judges Choice Award - Tylah King

25th Anniversary Concert 2022

This year due to covid restrictions early on in the year we made the decision to not have a mid-year concert and only have one big end of year concert to celebrate our 25th Anniversary. The students were really eager to get on stage come December 17th and show their families and friends what they had been working on all year.

This year we decorated our photo wall with some silver celebration balloons and had all students, junior and senior, performing together in the one concert. It was a wonderful day and everyone performed so well. We finished the night with a bang, with confetti poppers during our finale dance which was kept a surprise from all the students just to make it even more fun. It was also a privilege to have one of our ex-teachers Bree Smith join us on stage singing the finale.

Clas Awards: Tejasvi S, Summer D, Jiya J, Thomas B, Madison S, Hayley D, Stella V, Marcus B, Arianna D, Ciara-Mae N, Indigo N, Ella-blu S, Mackenzie B, Vinuthi D, Izzabella C, Nakitta B, Hayley W, Leah B, Sophia R, Mia H, Amelia S, Sahara P, Braydee A, Cassandra D, Liliana A,  & Rio D.

Performance Awards: Mia H & Isabelle P.

Spirit Awards: Emily R & Yizhen P.

Student Of The Year: Braydee A.

Professional stage photo's can be viewed and ordered via the below links:
Professional photos
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We Made A Music Video

2022 started with a lot of uncertainties as Covid finally hit Perth. We were hit with new restrictions and an unknown time frame on when they would be removed. Due to this we made the tough decision to cancel our Mid Year Concert for 2022 and instead just have one huge celebration for our 25th Birthday at the End-of-Year Concert.

So now we had all this time on our hands we decided to do something new and different, we were going to make a music video! After a lot of brainstorming and meetings amongst our teachers we decided on doing two different music videos, one to represent our Ballet, Lyrical & Contemporary classes, and another for our Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Musical Theatre & Acro classes.

All of our students started learning routines in their regular classes over the next 5 weeks in preparation for recording day. This was still a time of masks and venue restrictions so we made the decision that filming would be done outdoors to ensure these restrictions didn't affect the day, although it would always be a juggle with mother nature and many students asked "What happens if it rains?". The answer being "The show must go on!".

Fortunately we were blessed with absolutely perfect weather on the day of filming. We chose to film nearby at Champion Lakes so we could utilise the beautiful scenery - we even had a few ducks make an appearance.

The day was such a success and so fun for everyone. We filmed both videos on the one day, from 8am to 2pm at two different parts of the lake. Family members of the students came a long with picnic blankets and watched the day unfold and their children in action. It was a great experience for everyone, the younger students watched in awe as the seniors and staff performed their routines and every single person cheered on the juniors with enthusiasm.

I would like to say a special thank you to Miss Gemma & Miss Tylah for choreographing and directing the "Home" routine for our Ballet, Lyrical & Contemporary students, they put so much time and effort in to this. To the CLRA committee for opening up the hub to give our students access to a bathroom and parents access to tea and coffee. Payton for assisting with filming and directing and also Keith & Ryan for filming via drone.

We are so excited to present our two videos which can be viewed on our YouTube channel and below. We even made a fun behind the scenes/blooper reel so you can see what a great day we all had. As we celebrate our 25th year this year it was really lovely to do something different and have these memories forever.

"Home" - Our Ballet, Lyrical & Contemporary Video.

"Never Miss A Chance T0 Dance" - Our Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Musical Theatre & Acro Video.

Behind The Scenes & Bloopers Video.